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Happy Birthday My Angel  / MOMMY

Three years ago ... sometimes it seems like a lifetime, and other times it seems impossible. I can't even explain how much I miss you. Brother and I let go three balloons to you today. I was afraid it would be too cold and they wouldn't travel far, but boy they took off. Share the red balloon with Pop Pop. You are my precious little one, and I love you forever. Have a wonderful celebration with the angels ... Mommy

Happy Birthday sweet angel  / Mommy

I can't even believe it's been two years since I first saw your beautiful face. Some days it seems like yesterday and sometimes it seems like a hundred years ago. I still cherish every minute we had together, although our time was too short. Daddy, brother and I will be sending you two balloons today. It's such a clear, blue sky today, so I know they will be easy for you to catch. I send so much love in them. Share some with Pop Pop as you share your special birthdays together. I love you, Lucas. 
FOREVER in my heart!!!

I Imagine...On Your Birthday - February 3  / Debbie Blackmon (Mimi)

A playground with rainbow slides...
Sitting on the riverbank catching a fish...
Skipping through mud puddles on a warm rainy day...
A Ball, a bat, a baseball glove...
Running through green meadows with Pop Pop
Playing high above the Clouds.

Today is your birthday, a special day that you share with Pop Pop.  I send to you hugs and kisses.  I Love You.

Merry Christmas, Lucas  / Mommy

Merry Christmas, Lucas

As little brother celebrates his first Christmas, it's impossible for us not to think what it would be like with both of our boys here together. What a grand time it would be. . . maybe a little crazy. But I know you and Pop Pop are celebrating with Jesus. I bet there is a huge celebration with lots of food and love, all for Jesus' birthday. I wish you and Pop Pop a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
I love you, little one.

Lucas' 1st Birthday  / Mommy

  My dearest Lucas. Mommy can hardly believe that one year has passed since our world came to a crashing hault. It is a day that I will never forget. It was one of the saddest but yet one of the proudest days of my life. My first born, a son, born into this world silently but absolutely perfect. You were the most beautiful thing I had ever laid my eyes on.  I can't help but wonder what you would be like and oh how much I have missed each milestone you didn't get to reach. . . crawling, sleeping through the night, your first tooth, your first Christmas, your first step. 
   I am so thankful God gave me you, even if for just a little while. You have taught so many people lessons in our lives that no one else could have taught. And you have touched more lives in your short visit to Earth than anyone could ever imagine. Your daddy and I are extremely proud of you. 
  And now you are celebrating your 1st birthday in Heaven. The bible tells me that angels throw wonderful parties. . . and I know that Pop Pop is making sure your day is celebrated with the hightest honor. It's his birthday too, so the party should be twice as fun. Even though Pop Pop was sadder than anyone when you passed away, he was so honored that you shared his birthday. You will always be together and have each other to celebrate this special day. I love you so much. Birthday wishes, lil one.

Happy Thanksgiving, Lucas!!!  / Mommy

Good morning, Lucas. What a mess we have outside today. It's cold, windy, and rainy. Not my favorite weather for sure. Mommy is off today, because tomorrow is Thanksgiving. And before you know it, Christmas will be here. On Thanksgiving day, we always go to Nana's house and before our meal Papa starts us off by saying how thankful we are to have each other and be so blessed. I don't think it will start out so full of joy this Thanksgiving though, buddy, because we have lost so much this year. But mommy is very thankful to God this year, because even though you will not be spending this holiday season with us, I am thankful he gave me the opportunity to be your mommy. I am thankful He gave me Pop Pop to be my father, to raise me and teach me everything I know. Although you both will not be with us, your spirit will always be here and I am thankful just for the chance to be a part of both of your lives. I still count my blessings, and you and Pop Pop are included. On Thanksgiving, you two are what I am most thankful for.  And now that your little brother/sister is on the way, I am thankful for the chance to be a mommy again and thankful for every day I have with him/her.  I know you and Pop Pop help look out for us and for that, I am thankful even more. I can just imagine the big feast Pop Pop must be preparing for tomorrow and boy what good eating that will be. Please know, little man, that you will be in my every thought and prayer tomorrow as you are every day. And when we think of what we are most thankful for, you are number one. I love you, precious Lucas. Ask God to continue guarding our family with safety and love. 


My lil' fisherman  / Mommy

Good morning precious Lucas. It's time to wake up!! You have lots to do today, I'm sure. I miss you more now than ever! I can't wait until I hold you tightly in my arms again and kiss your little fingers just like I did as soon as I held you before. It seems so long ago, but it seems like it all happened yesterday. Don't forget how much mommy and daddy love you!! You are our lil' buddy. Now go have fun, and tell Pop Pop I love and miss him too. Kisses and Hugs to you both!
Love you always... Mommy
Rainbows / Tally (MOMMY)
The day after Lucas passed away, there was the most beautiful, complete rainbow we had ever seen. It followed us for 30 miles as we left the hospital and headed home.  We knew it was God reminding us of his promise. I know even though Lucas did not ride in our car with us home, he rode the rainbow. My father passed away 7 weeks to the day after Lucas left us. He was so  broken-hearted. The day after my daddy's passing there was a double rainbow; a large one with a smaller one underneath. It gives me peace to know they are together and watching over us. I will never look at a rainbow the same.

This is my daddy holding Lucas for the first time. He holds him now forever. My daddy wrote a poem for Lucas and it was read at Lucas' memorial service by my husband. It is included on the legacy page. It is priceless!
Be with Pop Pop  / Mommy

Good morning Lucas. It's Father's Day. This day will be twice as tough, for I will miss you and Pop Pop today. It's mine and daddy's first without you both. I love this picture because I know Pop Pop is teaching you so many things in Heaven and the weather is always perfect for fishing. Lucas, please let Pop Pop know how much I miss him. Thank him for taking such good care of you since he's been there. It's makes it just a little easier knowing you two are together. Wish Pop Pop a Happy Father's Day from mommy and daddy and give him a big hug and kiss. Your daddy is having a hard time right now with little Joseph being born and Father's Day. He misses you so, so much. If you could let him know you are with him with every step, it would mean so much. It hurts me to see him hurting so. If I could I would take all the pain away, but then that wouldn't be fair for you. You are in the safest, most wonderful place ever. You are one lucky little boy to be loved by so many people. Here's a hug nad kiss to you too.  I love you lil' one.
Your Proud Mommy

My first mother's day  / Mommy

Well Lucas, it's 3:00 am, and here I am talking to you instead of sleeping. You see today is Mother's Day. It's my first as a mommy, but you are not here to make it extra special. I know it doesn't change the fact that I am a mother, but it just doesn't seem right without you. I miss you sweet angel. I hope that you and Pop Pop will remember us today. His mother, Grandma Gladys, misses him, as does your Mimi . It's children like you, Lucas, that make these days so joyous, but when you are in Heaven instead of in my arms, it makes it very sad. I want you to know I am so, so proud to be your mommy. The Lord gave me a wonderful son to carry in my womb. He blessed your father and I with a perfect angel, so beautiful he had to keep him for his own. I love you dear Lucas and miss you. I do know, however; you are with me on this day. You are in my heart forever. Hugs and Kisses XOXO!!!!

An Everlasting Love  / Mi Mi (Maternal Grandmother )
Lucas is my first grandchild.  We were all so excited about this new baby!  The news of the upcoming birth was announced on Father's Day 2005.  We all cried with joy because we knew what a blessed event this would be.  With the news of becoming a grandparent, we immediately began choosing names for ourselves.  As maternal grandmother I wanted to be called "MiMi".  My husband, Gary, had his name already decided for him by our newly expectant daughter.  Lovingly, his name would be "Pop Pop".  As first-time grandparents too, the Jackson's selected names which also were special and loving.  Joyce would be Lucas's "Grammy" and Danny would be called "Grand Dan".  How special that we were becoming grandparents for the first time together.  We shall love our little Lucas forever and always.  At the time of Lucas's death, none of us could have known, but just a short 7 weeks later, to the day, Pop Pop died suddenly and has gone to live with Lucas.  I miss you Lucas and Pop Pop and my heart aches that you are not here with us.  But I know that Heaven is where you both are living.  Keep a watch over us as our guardian Angels.  I Love you <3.
Time For Bed  / Mommy

Time for bedtime sweetheart.
Time for angels to tuck you in tight.
Time to say our daily prayers.
Time to say good night.

Time to close your darling eyes.
Time to rest your head.
Time to drift off to sleep.
Time for us all to go to bed.

Until the time for me to be
the one who tucks you in,
wait for me patiently
just as you always have been.
written by Tally B. Jackson

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